asphericon and OptoSigma Announce a New Partnership

The world specialist for aspheric systems, asphericon and OptoSigma, a global manufacturer based in the USA, Japan, and Europe, have entered into a new partnership and supply agreement...

Jena/Santa Ana, July 2020: The world specialist for aspheric systems, asphericon and OptoSigma, a global manufacturer based in the USA, Japan, and Europe, have entered into a new partnership and supply agreement. The agreement includes distribution of asphericon’s aspheric optics and beam tuning products for the European, North and South America markets, through OptoSigma’s website and sales channels.

Within the agreement, asphericon will manufacture and supply state of the art CNC-grinded and polished, aspheres, acylinders and axicons made of S-LAH64, N-BK7, and fused silica, along with several anti-reflective coating options. Soon to be included will be asphericon’s beam shaping and beam expansion assemblies for BeamTuning, which provide the highest optical performance and flexibility. In addition to beam expanders of various wavelengths and magnification levels, the product range also includes fiber collimators, beam shaping elements, and suitable intra- and cross-system adapters. All of these products will be available from OptoSigma’s newly enhanced website, either from USA stock, or within a reasonable time frame.

"We are very proud to have found in OptoSigma an experienced and reliable partner for the distribution of our standard optics and systems. With this partnership, asphericon has the chance to become a member of a unique and rapidly growing online platform. Together we aim to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for our customers, i.e. the ability to purchase a wide range of high quality photonic products quickly and easily on one platform", says Alexander W. Zschäbitz, CEO of asphericon.

"We are very excited to have created this strong partnership with a trusted leader in optics. We believe the precision and quality of asphericon products directly compliments OptoSigma’s offerings and aligns with our own high quality standards. The new products allow us to expand our vast mix of spherical, cylindrical and flat optics with state of the art CNC-grinded and polished optics. These product additions will give our customers many more options within our offering, to solve their most demanding optical design requirements", says Guy Ear, CEO of OptoSigma.

About asphericon

As an independent and recognized specialist, asphericon is the technology leader in the field of aspheric systems. The production is based on a self-developed and patented technology for the control of CNC grinding and polishing machines. With this worldwide unique equipment, it is possible to produce small quantities up to large series with high accuracy. asphericon accompanies its customers from optical design, production and coating, full-surface interferometric measurement and documentation up to the assembly of optical components as well as their optical characterization.

About OptoSigma

A leader in optics, optical systems, opto-mechanics, manual and motorized positioning, and thin film coatings for more than 20 years, OptoSigma is committed to providing solutions, together with unrivaled quality, service and engineering insight for our customers on every product we offer. Our global manufacturing locations enable us to best meet our customers needs for custom or catalog standard products, whether the focus is price, precision, delivery, or, a combination. We also keep a significant amount of inventory in stock so we can deliver promptly and ontime. Our focus is to support both research and commercial business globally.

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