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Noncircular in perfection – Interferometric Measurement of Aspheres

Optische Messtechnik, Interferometer, Measurement, transmission sphere, Fizeau, Objektiv, lens, objective
Production-accompanying measurement of aspheres – Part 2: How does a Fizeau interferometer work? The first article of this series addressed the detailed description of tactile measuring procedure. The following contribution focuses on the non-contact measurement of aspheres with the help of interferometers, in order to describe optical measuring methods. Interferometers are standard instrument for measuring […] Mehr

Noncircular in perfection – Comparison of tactile measurement methods

Production accompanying measurement of aspheres – Part 1: Tactile measurement methods Independent of the application, whether in satellite optics, video lenses or endoscopes – aspheres have already become indispensable in a wide range of highly versatile technical fields of application. Regardless of the system’s size, they all have to meet one requirement: to be precise. […] Mehr