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Aspheric Myths Part 2

Precision and production myths Aspheric production has undergone an enormous development in the areas of manufacturing and metrology. Nevertheless, there are many rumors about this special type of lens, for example that aspheres are very expensive and can only be measured with CGHs. Some of these myths have already been addressed in the previous article […] Mehr

Aspheric myths – facts and fiction

Part 1: Geometry, metrology and quality myths Aspheres are becoming increasingly important and have become standard components in many areas of application. They can be found in photo lenses with high luminous intensity or wide-angle lenses, in endoscopes, magnescope and telescopes, but also in high-tech applications such as aerospace. With the development of modern manufacturing […] Mehr

Shape it ‘til you make it – Top-Hat beam shaping with aspheres

Gaussian beam profiles are used in most laser applications. However, there are fields of application in which a homogeneous intensity distribution (so-called Top-Hat distribution) is required within the entire beam diameter, for example in order to generate optimum illumination. Especially in the fields of metrology, microscopy or material processing, homogeneous intensity distributions play a significant […] Mehr