Correction of spherical aberration by using an asphereCorrection of spherical aberration by using an asphereAspheres have much better imaging properties than spherical lenses thanks to the surface geometry that deviates from a sphere. The main benefit is the ability to correct spherical aberrations. The total number of optical elements in an optical system can be reduced by using an aspheric lens. This enables a significantly more compact and efficient setup than is the case for a comparable system with spherical lenses.

You can find out all about aspheres and their benefits in our “Utilizing Aspheres” optics poster. We would be more than happy to send you a free copy.

asphericon will manufacture a customized aspheric solution for your application. Choose an individual Custom solution or use the innovative diversity of our stocked aspheric lens from the StockOptics product line.

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asphericon manufactures aspheric optics with diameters of between 1 mm and 420 mm and with a roughness value of up to 0.5 Rq. Our experienced team works together with you to develop customised optical designs and manufactures aspheres as per the required specifications. We would be pleased to develop the right aspheric solution for you. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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Do you need aspheric lenses with short delivery times and excellent optical properties?
In our Webshop you will find precision-polished aspheres (a|High-NA, a|Low-NA, a|UV-grade fused silica) with diameters between 10 mm and 100 mm. Benefit from outstanding surface quality (RMSi up to < 0.3 µm) available in different standard coatings and delivery direct from the warehouse.

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asphericon also manufactures high-precision axicons, aspheric cylinders, mirrors and reflectors as well as mounted optics and beam expanders.