Aspheric lens

Three key benefits of the trusted special lenses manufactured by asphericon

These days, industrial and research facilities require unprecedented precision for targeted activities involving light. Numerous potential applications were unthinkable even just 25 years ago.
Correction of spherical aberration by using an asphere
As a result, asphericon has specialised in the production and machining of high-precision aspheric lenses. Premium quality and unmatched accuracy are the cornerstones of the products that we develop for you.

Spherical lenses inevitably contain aberrations (as shown in figure on the right). These kinds of aberrations do not occur when using aspheric lenses manufactured using the latest production technology.

Below you will find out about the 3 advantages that you can benefit from in the future if you decide to use our optical elements:


Premium aspheric lenses

asphericon uses the latest technology to produce your desired product. The globally unique control technology used by our CNC machines guarantees a perfectly machined aspheric lens based on your ideas in almost every shape and size. We manufacture at the absolute cutting edge and achieve precision at the atomic level.

Surface optimisation with precision

An aspheric lens made by asphericon has a function surface optimised for your requirements, with unique properties that you won’t find anywhere else. The extremely precise surfaces, machined using various production processes, are guaranteed to meet your requirements.

Despite the technical challenges faced by producers during the machining of aspheric lenses, our asphericon ION-FinishTM and Magnetorheological Finishing-Technology® technologies, used during high-end finishing, easily surpass international standards.

Your optimal aspheric lens and more

When you purchase an aspheric lens from us, you receive much more than just the actual object of purchase. In particular, you benefit from our experience from numerous projects with renowned research facilities and industrial partners.

This means that we are also able to implement challenging individual solutions specifically for you. We operate with the established asphericon precision while ensuring that we also remain efficient for small as well as large order quantities. So that you project is a complete success!

Discover the possibilities offered by our aspheric lenses – from a cutomer-specific optical design to the application of high-quality coatings to the realization as a mounted optical element. Each asphericon optic combines expertise and experience from a range of demanding customer projects. Choose from a variety of shapes and materials for all wavelengths to suit your application, we ensure the implementation:

asphericon also manufactures high-precision axicons, aspheric cylinders, mirrors and reflectors as well as mounted optics and beam expanders.