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asphericon – your partner from design concept to successful completion.

Based on your requirements, individual optic designs are developed, optical characterization is carried out and optic components are assembled into complete systems – get a one-stop solution.

When developing a custom-made design solution, asphericon is focused on development and production times, quality and the economic efficiency.

Besides the optical design of refractive, diffractive and reflective elements, the expertise of our employees includes system design for ultrashort laser pulses.

Optical design

Individual designs – custom-fitting and functional

The right partner for every step: from product architecture and design through implementation. Based on the customer requirements and specifications, asphericon develops optimal solutions for optical applications. When realizing individual design solutions, asphericon is focused on development, production times and outstanding quality, while always keeping an eye on the economical efficiency.



  • Analysis of your technical requirements
  • Development of an initial feasibility study within 3 days




  • Optical design (refractive, diffractive and reflective elements; optics for ultrashort laser pulses)
  • Tolerance analysis for production and calibration
  • Development of the design description
  • Compiling an adapted coating design



  • Monitoring of in-house testing processes
  • Approval of prototype and series production

Our experienced team is looking forward to your project!

Optical characterization

Seeing it in cold print!

asphericon_certificateSubsequently to the production of each lens an optical characterization can be done. This involves precisely measuring the wavefront of the lens using a Phasics SID4-HR wavefront sensor.

The optical characterization includes:

  • Measurement of the wavefront (wavelength range 400 – 1064 nm, different wavelengths on request)
  • Measurement of MTF, PSF and Strehl ratio
  • Illustration of the wavefront measurement


Determination of beam parameters in real time – Phasics™ SID4 – HR

With the Phasics™ SID4 – HR, asphericon utilizes one of the most modern technologies to measure wavefront aberrations.

For the analysis the interferograms are recorded by using a modified Hartmann test and a lateral shearing interferometry formalism.

This leads to an increased resolution (at least by a factor of 4) in comparison with Shack–Hartmann wave front sensors.

  • High resolution of the phase map up to 400 x 300 measuring points (HR) for precise measurement of the aberrations and high reproducibility of the measurement
  • Unique ability for direct measurement of diverging beams without an additional focus lens
    (up to NA = 0.72)
  • Multi-wavelength capability without additional calibration of the overall detection range of the camera (400 nm – 1064 nm)
  • With Phasics™ SID4 – HR, the complete characterization of optical components (aberrations, PSF, MTF, effective focal length, etc.) is achieved in just one measurement

Optical assembly

Optical assemblyApposite solutions for frames and holders

The diverse range of asphericon services also includes the design of frames and holders for your optic components. Your specific requirements including environmental conditions, the choice of materials, resilience, and quality requirements are converted into cost-efficient mechanical designs.

Optic components can be mounted according to your specifications.

Mounted  Aspheres and Axicons
Discover plug & play perfection.
Benefit form an attractive selection of mounted Aspheres and Axicons. asphericon offers pre-aligned optics in high-precision mountings. All lenses with diameters from 12.5 mm to 25.4 mm are perfectly aligned with < 10 µm decenter. By using the Adapter a very simple integration into any optical system is guaranteed.
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Mounted Aspheres and Axicons

Our experienced team is looking forward to your project!