The aspherization of Fizeau interferometry

With ultra-precise objectives, asphericon extends its product range to the area of metrology and redefines Fizeau interferometry. Discover the world-wide only aspheric Fizeau lens a|FizeriC.

In addition to reduction of the number of lenses used, the use of a high-end asphere increases the measuring range. The a|FizeriC 4 ” not only expands the spectrum of measurable test specimens, for the first time it allows a 4” Fizeau lens to cover the measuring range, which previously could only be measured with a 6” lens.
Comparison Spherical and aspheric Fizeau lens, additional measuring range a|FizeriC
Besides the outstanding quality of the Fizeau surfaces, which are available with both λ/10 and λ/20, the a|FizeriC impresses with an innovative design. Thanks to a self-developed packaging and storage concept, all lenses of the product family can be easily removed and used quickly.
Find out more about the a|FizeriC lenses and get the most out of your measuring device!

a|FizeriC Catalog

Key Benefits
a|FizeriC Produktfamilie, 4" lenses

  • Innovative Design comprising aspheric surfaces
  • Fizeau lens quality λ/10 and λ/20
  • High measuring range coverage
  • Well-chosen spacing of Fizeau radii
  • High-quality transmitted wavefront
  • High quality coating
  • Optimized for long term clean components
  • 4″ Zygo-Bayonet connector
  • Real 4″ system input

An insight into the world of Fizeau interferometry can be found in our optics poster “The aspherization of Fizeau Interferometry”. We would be more than happy to send you a free copy.