Acylinders, also known as aspherical cylinders, denotes cylindrical-surface-shaped lenses, the cross-section of which differs from the circular shape. In practice, plano-concave and plano-convex cylinders are used as well as those with a spherical or aspherical reverse. In contrast to a lens, an aspheric cylindrical lens does not concentrate incident light into one focal point, but along a focal line without the influence of spherical aberrations.

Precision at the highest level – acylinders by asphericon

asphericon manufactures acylinders using specially developed CNC grinding and polishing techniques with a surface form deviation (RMSi) of ≤ 0.5 μm. Together with our customers, we design and manufacture the appropriate acylindrical for their applications from a wide range of optical glasses, from prototypes to series production. The asphericon StockOptics acylinder product range offers an alternative to Custom projects. Here, you get a range of acylinders from 10 mm x 10 mm to 50 mm x 50 mm directly from stock.

Operation and fields of application of acylinders

Acylinders are used, for example, in lighting technology, such as the anamorphic technique. Acylinder are also used in measuring equipment, in spectroscopy, in laser scanners and in the creation of marking patterns in medical technology. A setup with two crossed acylinders, for example, allowes the compensation of the asymmetrical outputs from laser diodes, producing a circular beam.
Cylinder telescope for generating a line focus using aspheric cylindrical lenses
The following diagram (Fig.1) illustrates the functionality of cylindrical lenses. It shows the creation of a line focus using aspheric cylindrical lenses. By combining with a second acylinder an elliptical beam is generated. The stretching ratio is determined by the focal lengths of the two elements. The system shown represents a cylinder telescope.

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Visit asphericons webshop and order them conveniently online. We offer an attractive selection of precision-polished aspheric cylindrical lenses in various standard sizes. Benefit from our highly precise acylinders (RMSi ≤ 0.5 μm) and delivery within one day (within Germany, Europe usually 2 – 3 days) for orders by 12pm CET.

asphericon Custom Acylinders

asphericon manufactures acylinders based on your specifications and requirements. Our experienced team works together with you to develop customised cylindrical lenses in the following shapes: plano-convex, plano-concave, biconvex and biconcave. The outer shape can be freely defined.
Our experienced experts are always ready and willing to provide support for more detailed specifications.

customized aspheric cylinders

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Do you require high-quality acylinders within a short time?
Visit our Webshop where you can conveniently order online. Here you can find an attractive selection of precision-polished aspherical cylindrical lenses in various standard sizes. Benefit from high-precision acylinders (RMSi ≤ 0.5 µm) and a short delivery time.

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asphericon also manufactures high-precision aspheres, axicons, mirrors and reflectors as well as mounted optics and beam expanders.