Aspheres and aspherical systems made by the expert

Welcome to the technological leader in asphere production. Benefit from our know-how in manufacturing systems as well as lenses of different shapes and materials for every wavelength and focal length. For more precision, flexibility and economy.

asphericon‘s passion for revolutionizing the manufacturing of aspheric lenses and systems with new technologies is changing the degree of precision and quality in optics. Our technologies make it possible to manufacture optical components in various shapes for all wavelengths, using a very wide range of materials. Combining this with our high-end manufacturing processes and applications, we routinely achieve unique levels of dimensional precision.

Every asphericon lens is the product of knowledge, expertise, and experience gained in a large variety of demanding customer and research projects. The latest technologies, continually evolving proprietary control software, pioneering measurement equipment, and highly qualified employees ensure that we can provide over 600 customers worldwide with innovative solutions.

Certified according to ISO 9001, we are constantly working on the further development and improvement of our processes. In addition, we are constantly driven to develop new technologies as well. From CNC machining and diamond turning to high-end finishing, metrology and coating, we strive for ever better quality and ever greater precision. Naturally, we keep an eye on the economic interests of our customers.

Our technological know-how is bundled in a wide range of products - from a high-quality aspheric lens, to aspheric cylinders and mirrors to ultra-precisely mounted optics and complete systems. Use the innovative diversity offered by the StockOptics product range in our webshop or choose an Custom solution tailored to your needs.

With this mission asphericon is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and establishing new milestones in the world of optics. Benefit from our experience from the first optical design, manufacturing and coating, precise measurement and documentation to the assembly of optical components and their characterization.

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