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asphericon is pleased to announce that it’s now supporting triathlete Maja Betz, currently preparing for Challenge Roth near Nuremberg on 3 July…

Triathlete Maja Betz in action

Jena, May 2022 • asphericon is pleased to announce that it’s now supporting triathlete Maja Betz, currently preparing for Challenge Roth near Nuremberg on 3 July 2022.

“I’m very grateful that asphericon has decided to support my professional career. This allows me to concentrate even more on my training,” explained Maja Betz. “In my experience, asphericon is a firm which loves sport, and which not only supports local events in Jena such as the corporate run and the STADTRADELN cycling event, but also enters its own teams. By working together, we want to spread this enthusiasm for sport and encourage even more people in the region to do sport regularly.

The triathlon has been gaining ground for many years and combines three of the most popular recreational sports: swimming, cycling and running. One of the biggest and best-known triathlons is Challenge Roth – a long-distance event in which athletes swim 3.8km, cycle 180km, and run 42.195km. Held since 1984, it attracts over 3,000 individual participants as well as thousands of spectators, and has a fast course making for outstanding performances. One especially famous (or should that be infamous?!) part of the route is Solar Hill, where the cyclists pass through the crowd – something which is otherwise only ever seen at the Tour de France.

“We’re delighted to be able to support Maja Betz, a young, dedicated, highly focused professional athlete,” said Dr Thomas Hegenbart, asphericon’s Head of Marketing. “It’s especially tough for individual athletes to find the time they need for training and competitions, not to mention to finance their activities. With Maja Betz turning professional last year, we at asphericon have decided to support her. It’s not just about a sponsorship logo, for we’re also planning various projects to encourage people to go swimming, cycling and running.”

Maja Betz’s sporting career

Maja Betz’s sporting rise began when she was growing up in Nordheim vor der Rhön. Having tried her hand at tennis, swimming, horse-riding and athletics, running soon became her favourite sport, and she started winning competitions in Lower Franconia and then Bavaria.

Having enrolled on a degree in sports science at the University of Jena, she focused on the triathlon. Under the guidance of her current coach, Dr Konrad Somolinski, her initial successes came thick and fast with the title of Thuringian University Champion 2019 (duathlon) and third place in the Knappenman Triathlon (2020). In 2021, Maja Betz competed as a professional long-distance athlete for the first time. Coming tenth at Challenge Roth and eighth at Ironman Austria (Klagenfurt), her first professional season was a great success.

The year 2022 also got off to a promising start. Maja Betz was crowned German Duathlon Champion in her age group (Powerman Alsdorf) and achieved an excellent fifth place among professional entrants in Challenge Riccione. Her next goal – and also the highlight of the season – is once again the long-distance Challenge Roth.

About asphericon

asphericon is the technology leader in aspheric systems and an independent, acknowledged specialist. Production is based on a patented technology developed internally which is used to control CNC grinding and polishing machines. This structure is globally unique and enables asphericon to carry out the high-precision production of quantities ranging from small batches to large series. Client services offered by asphericon include initial optic design, manufacturing, coating, full-surface interferometric measurement and documentation, as well as the assembly of optical components and their optical characterization.

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