20 years. 20 stories.

On May 17th, 2021 the time has come: asphericon celebrates its 20th anniversary exactly on that day. Of course, a lot has happened in all these years: Ups and downs, hopes and fears, celebration, disappointment and learning. And that's exactly what we would like to tell you about. Join us on a journey through 20 years and 20 stories! Discover how it all began, what we are proud of and what we have learned over the years.



What will the industry look like in the next 20 years? What futuristic technologies will then be part of the everyday routine at asphericon? We dared to gaze into the crystal ball and had a look at what might change at asphericon going forward.

We encounter different (corporate) cultures both internally and externally - Internationalization is inevitable. In this story, we show how asphericon has implemented it in the last few years.

There have of course also been moments and situations at asphericon that did not go optimally. The following story presents five of the most important lessons we can glean from 20 years of asphericon.

What qualifies someone to work in an optical production facility? Among other things, training as a precision optician. Let's take a closer look at the qualifications in this story.

There’s a wide range of sports opportunities in and around Jena, including running, triathlon and boating. This story is dedicated to all the athletes in our team...

2001, 3, 170, 750, 1500, 54, 41, 520, 5600, 75, 80. You might be wondering what this series of numbers has to do with asphericon...

Several things at asphericon have changed in the intervening 20 years. Join us as we take a look back at asphericon then and now.

Thanks to their high utility value, leading technology fields such as science, metrology and laser applications would now be inconceivable without aspheres. We are proud to have played a major part in the success ...

To supplement its production operation, asphericon was on the lookout for a new location – somewhere that was closer to the Eastern European market, and where it could establish new technological partnerships...

Relocation, even within the same city, is a major logistical challenge accompanied by the prospect of guaranteed chaos. In a nutshell, it’s a stressful business...

For twenty years, ‘Bringing visions to life’ has been asphericon’s slogan. But what does the slogan mean to everyone working at asphericon? What inspires, what drives them? We asked some of our colleagues to tell us.

For asphericon, too, the pandemic has proved to be a far-reaching experience resulting in many changes and leading to work in the company being viewed in new ways.

A construction kit for laser applications or a Lego set for physicists: Creating the BeamTuning series and product development at asphericon

“The software CorsS has incredible potential for further development.” Looking back and looking ahead with Dr. Ulrike Fuchs, VP Strategy & Innovation.

What founders of a start-up should definitely have with them during their first summer: a swimsuit, a comfortable place to lie down, a towel...

What do you get when you intelligently network people, machines and the resulting products? "Industry 4.0" is an idea that is already widely applied today. At asphericon, too - and has been for a good 20 years.

What was not possible before now becomes possible: In order to be able to supply high-precision optics for a satellite, asphericon developed a new polishing process with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

"Your lens is better than we can measure". That's the sound of a customer compliment from France - and we earned it. Seven days of thrills until the flight of fancy in Paris...



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